Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator

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About me and my work

Artist's statement


Originally, I trained in animation and illustration, so it’s no surprise that there is a strong narrative element in my art. I like to take the less conventional view; I might collect my source material by sketching in the rain, taking photographs at night or lying on the ground to figure out

the ‘right’ viewpoint, often honing in on easily missed details.


Usually, I start with a narrative, event, historical character or place,

then I expand on this during research and observational drawings, which leads to several more ideas until a series evolves.


My enthusiasm for local and social history, alongside my love of

people-watching, features in many of my projects. Extremes of

light-heartedness and macabre interests creep into my pictures’

mood, alongside whimsy and humour. My Cat Tails series of pictures takes a cat’s eye view of the World, showing my love and strong empathy with my feline friends!


Choice of media will be decided as the project evolves; vivid colour pigment in Sennelier pastel for an Autumn scene, heavy graphite on grainy paper for moody grotesques; acrylic or oils for detailed painting on canvas.


Like characters in a novel, for me the subjects in each picture have

a life of their own – they invite viewers to share their perspective,

their curiousity, their world.