Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator

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Sunshine on a rainy day


A picture to brighten the dismal summer of 2012!  A woman stands in the pounding rain in front of York Minster, holding a huge bouquet of glowing sunflowers as the rain and wind tear through the people and tree around her.  


I stood in the cold, pouring rain on a May day, sketching and taking photographs of York Minster on a day like this.


I was looking at the reflections and how the rain affected people and the appearance of the buildings. I love the way people and buildings recede into the background through a 'fog' of rain, contrasting with the vivid yellow of the sunflowers in the foreground, hence my choice of charcoal and ink for all but the flowers in the picture.

Past exhibitions include:


October - November 2018   Group exhibition, Garden Room, Golden Ball, York


August 2018   Art in the Pen, Thirsk


August 2018   Anna Harding and Kate Pettitt joint exhibition: Town & Country

Garden Room, Golden Ball, York


March 2018   Group exhibition, Open Art York, Garden room, Golden Ball, York


January 2018   York Artworkers Group exhibition, Pyramid Gallery, York


December 2017   Bar Convent Christas craft fair


July 2017 Chelsea Town Hall Pintar Rapido competition exhibition


August 2017 Around the Walls, solo exhibition, Garden Room, Golden Ball, York


2016   Cat Tails of York, solo exhibition, Garden Room, Golden Ball, York

Forthcoming exhibitions:


September 7th - October 4th 2019  Home & Away, joint exhibition of landscape paintings with fellow-artist Kate Pettitt, Garden Room, Golden Ball, York


January 2020 Exhibition with York Artworkers Association at the Pyramid Art Gallery, Stonegate, York

Blizzard cat or Winter is coming

Acrylic on paper


There are usually a few of my pieces and greetings cards for sale in the Pyramid Gallery, Stonegate, York.

Visits to my home studio can be arranged by appointment;  email: [email protected]